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When an alloy wheel that requires repair is brought into The Alloy Wheel Specialist workshop, it goes through a distinct process.


We can repair and refurbish all types of alloy wheels, and also offer a SMART repair service which repairs damage to small, localised areas of a wheel using a colour match that will leave a perfect finish. For more detailed information on the different alloy wheel refurb processes please give us a call or pop into The Alloy Wheel Specialist for advice on the best process for your wheels.

The alloy wheel repair process

Step 1: After the alloy wheel to be repaired is brought into the workshop, it's marked up with a customer ID, marked for position, and removed from the wheel.


Step 2: The alloy wheel is then chemically stripped and any chemical deposits and dirt are removed. After the initial work, if there are any splits or cracks in the wheel, the customer is advised to take necessary action.

The repair and refinishing process:

Step 3: After removing any trapped air, the alloy wheel is hung in a spray booth. A powder coating primer is applied and then baked in an oven to ensure proper curing. Afterwards, it's cooled.


Step 4: The alloy wheel is then painted on the face and the inside.


Step 5: A powder coat lacquer is then applied to the face and inside of the wheel, oven baked, inspected and cooled.


Step 6: A new rubber valve is inserted and the tyre is put back on the wheel. The wheel is then balanced and put back on the car. The nuts and bolts are then torqued to the manufacturer's specification.



The Alloy Wheel Specialist provides alloy wheel refurbishment in the North East and across the UK.

Obtain professional powder coating services for your alloy wheels in the North East and across the UK.

The repair and refinishing process is carried out in six steps as explained below:

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Diamond cut finishes

A diamond cut finish leaves an attractive finish that is becoming more common on more and more vehicles. The initial refurbishment process is the same as the powder coating refurbishment, but a diamond cut lathe is used.


At The Alloy Wheel Specialist, we have expertly trained technicians that are experienced in all aspects of diamond cut finishing. The minimum amount of aluminium is removed from the alloy wheel ensuring the wheel can be repaired in the future, which in turn will extend the life span of the wheel.

Powder coating specialists

The most common repair process used is powder coating and is usually combined with wet paint application, this allows us to refurbish an entire wheel in any colour. The benefit of using powder coating is that it allows us to return your alloys to the original finish or if required, change the overall colour of an alloy wheel. Using specialist ovens and equipment, The Alloy Wheel Specialist are able to strip the old coating, corrosion or any damage from the alloy wheel, allowing us to apply a new finish that will leave outstanding results.

Split rim refurbishment

With their distinctive appearance, split rims and becoming more popular on vehicles. They usually combine diamond cutting and a paint finish to create an eye catching and stylish wheel design. As the wheel elements require different refurbishment techniques, they are split and refurbished individually and then re-assembled once completed.

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